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PowerHouse Women Giving Group

The PowerHouse Women Giving Group is for women who want to pursue philanthropic initiatives together and grow the impact they are making in the world through the wealth we are building in real estate.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Current Giving Initiative 

amani childrens foundation logo.png

Join Us to Fund a Little Piece of
Lifesaving Real Estate

PowerHouse Women invites you to join with us and sponsor a piece of “real estate” of a different kind. A group of PowerHouse Women is raising funds to cover the annual cost of one infant care bed at the New Life Home in Nairobi, Kenya, where abandoned infants are given the lifesaving care they need until they are adopted by local families. This organization has saved thousands of abandoned and extremely vulnerable babies since its founding in 1993.   

Emily Flory, a PowerHouse Group Flipper and PowerHouse Giving Group member, volunteered at New Life Home, traveling the country and seeing the incredible work they do to save children’s lives firsthand. She has been involved with the Amani Children’s Foundation, the U.S.-based fundraising organization that supports New Life, for 15 years.

Your donation will help this organization continue its transformational work for abandoned babies in Kenya. An intensive care bed will provide all formula, food, diapers, round-the-clock caregiving, and medical needs for 2-3 babies this year. Babies are usually adopted within a few months, so one bed will provide life-saving support for several children.

Meet the Women of the Giving Group


Lupei Chou

Lupei Chou is a Naval Officer with 19 years of experience in logistics, acquisition and contract management. She has done successful real estate projects using the buy and hold, flip and BRRRR methods. She currently holds a portfolio of 98 doors mix of commercial and residential properties and focuses on growing her multifamily portfolio. She leads InvestHER Capital Region and Cocktails and Connections, a local meetup in the DMV area. She is passionate about financial literacy education, women's empowerment and giving back to the military & veterans community.  She founded Sisterhood in Real Estate in 2020 to connect with other women investors. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with her husband, Derby.

Annie Dickerson.png

Annie Dickerson

Annie Dickerson, co-founder and COO at Goodegg Investments, has invested in multifamily real estate since 2008. Her current portfolio spans multiple markets around the country and includes both active and passive investments. Annie specializes in strategic brand initiatives, investor education, and marketing. Together, Julie and Annie are creators of the elite online mentorship program the Real Estate Accelerator, hosts of the Life & Money Show podcast, and authors of the book Investing For Good: How To Build Wealth While Also Making An Impact. Annie graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and currently lives in Oakland, CA, with her husband and two boys.

rachel douglas .webp

Rachel Douglas

A real estate investor with a passion for developing strategy, leading teams and executing operations. Rachel has used her experience in law, operations and management to invest in residential single and multifamily properties using a number of strategies, including corporate rentals, long term buy and holds, and value add projects.  

Headshot_Emily Shenk Flory_edited.jpg

Emily Shenk Flory

Emily Shenk Flory is a journalist whose writing has appeared in the Washington Post and national Before becoming a freelancer she was a copy editor at National Geographic and a managing editor at the Child Welfare League of America. Her first foray into real estate happened when she joined other renters in her apartment building to buy their units under the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act. She eventually renovated, rented out, and sold that property. She has a master's degree in journalism from Georgetown University. She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and two children.


Julie Lam

Julie Lam, co-founder and CEO of Goodegg Investments, has been investing in real estate since 2009. During that time, she has focused mostly on buy-and-hold rentals, private lending, passive investing through real estate syndications, and active multifamily investing. She has focused on implementing strategic methods to grow her wealth using various alternative investment strategies that have allowed her to leverage money and time so that she can spend more time with her 3 children.

Prior to transitioning full time to real estate, Julie most recently spent over 7 years working in Silicon Valley at one of the most prestigious law firms in the world. She received her B.A. in Technical and Professional Writing from San Francisco State University and also attended law school in San Francisco, CA.


Izabel Parreira

Izabel is a highly-skilled and dedicated commercial real estate executive who prioritizes integrity and collaboration in all areas of her professional and personal life, seeing these as key success factors in growth. A native of Brazil, and having moved to the US twenty years ago as an Au Pair, she has a Graduate Degree in Business Administration and an Associate’s Degree in Accounting and leans on these foundational skill sets to realize cost-effective, strategic opportunities.  


Izabel is passionate in her spirituality and is defined by her drive of transformational growth and continued study, she wants to be the best mom, wife and friend always incorporating innovation in her relationships, offering personal genuine care with clients by giving her time and attention to transform each property in a better state than found with her strong operational and financial experience to each project.  She is grounded in her family values, and knows that trials in the different seasons of life have assisted her in enabling unique outcomes in all of her endeavors. 


Together with her husband, they completely renovated their 1940's single family house from distressed and would like to be able to build dream homes for low-income first time home buyers, creating an impact on their life and self-value. Her first solo purchase was a condo that she house hacked while single which is currently rented. In 2021 she flipped a house in Maryland in partnership with 5 women from Powerhouse, as well as invested as a LP(limited partner) in 2 Multifamily syndications and one Multifamily Joint venture in Texas, NC and AZ. Her immediate goal is to continue investing for cash flow to be able to replace her W-2 income. Her long-term goals is to expand this process throughout the US and internationally to include land and rentals, partnering with like minded individuals who have similar goals and be able to give back, by creating initiatives to various needs.

heidi house pic 2.jpg

Heidi Rios

Heidi Rios is based in Baltimore, MD, where she began investing in real estate with the purchase of a single family home. She now seeks to build her portfolio with investment properties within the US and internationally. Teaching is one of her passions. She received a bachelor's degree overseas and has been teaching for 20 years in both Nicaragua and the US. She is also a ravenous learner about real estate - constantly studying and researching, most recently on the topic of multifamily investment and syndication.


She is the mother of two adventurous children, a permanent traveler aspirant, and a life seeker. Heidi believes that when driven, ambitious and strong women join their forces together for a purpose, the sky’s the limit and we are simply unstoppable.

priscilla shu.png

Priscilla Shu

Priscilla Shu is a real estate investor and developer based in Maryland. In the past, she managed properties which she used for short-term rentals and ultimately decided to start buying properties. She started investing in 2020 and currently owns a triplex in Baltimore, MD, and developing a 9-unit in Accra, Ghana. 


Her why: to build generational wealth, and obtain financial freedom. With the freed-up time, she’s looking to start nonprofits that will help underserved youth and women learn more about financial management and all the “cheat codes” they won’t learn in school.

Day-to-day Priscilla is a marketer and analyst, where she creates marketing strategies for the company. She’s married with two young kids who fuel her every day.


Molly Thompson

Molly Thompson is a real estate investor based in Manassas, Virginia.  She has rental properties in Virginia and Washington, D.C., and she is on track to fix-and-flip three houses this year.  Molly holds a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary and a law degree from a top-tier law school.  In her spare time, she loves to travel, watch soccer, and hang out with Huckleberry, her black pug.


Marielle Walter

Marielle Walter is a real estate investor, coach and consultant based in Washington, DC, where she began he real estate investing journey with single family buy and holds. She then transitioned into house flipping with a focus on Maryland markets. Marielle is committed to building a community of women empowered by real estate investing, and founded a group for women across the country who are launching their journey in real estate investing. Marielle is now diversifying her investing strategy to focus on building a multifamily property portfolio. Marielle has a Master's Degree in Environmental Policy, and is the mother of an energetic four year old daughter. She is also a travel addict and wine aficionado. 

Interested in joining our giving group?

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Previous Giving Initiatives

victoms first image.png

In 2021, PowerHouse Women joined together to support a powerful organization called Unbound, based in Waco, Texas, that has served more than 200 victims and survivors of human trafficking, empowered more than 10,000 youth to stay safe, and trained thousands of professionals to identify and respond to human trafficking." Thousands of dollars were raised for Unbound to support them in creating a new safe house for survivors.

In 2022, PowerHouse Women joined together to support the families grieving after the tragic Uvalde school shooting in Texas. Together we made a donation to Victims First, an organization that provides direct assistance to victims/survivors of mass casualty crimes

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