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Private Lending with PowerHouse Women

Interested in putting your money to work for you with an investment opportunity that offers solid returns while minimizing risk? PowerHouse Women offers private lending opportunities that are a great fit for new and seasoned private lenders. This is an opportunity to invest passively in real estate and get your money working for you. And if you are brand new to private lending - our opportunities also come with education and support.

Here's why private lending in the world of real estate can be a smart move:

Consistent Returns: Private lending can provide a steady stream of income through interest payments, often with higher rates compared to traditional investments.

Asset-Backed Security: Your investment is secured by real estate assets, reducing the risk associated with other forms of lending.

Diversification: It's an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio beyond things like stocks and bonds.

Control: You have more control over your investments, choosing the projects and terms that align with your financial goals.

Collaboration: Private lending fosters valuable partnerships with real estate professionals, expanding your network and knowledge.

Passive Income: Earn passive income without the hassles of property management or landlord responsibilities.

Interested in learning more? Reach out and let's chat about your goals and how our opportunities may align and support you!


As a real estate investor and private lender, I have had the pleasure of lending to Marielle Walter of Powerhouse Women Real Estate. Working with Marielle has been an exceptional experience. Marielle's expertise and professionalism have made the lending process seamless and efficient, and I have full confidence in her ability to manage her investments with care and diligence.

Christina Kovacs
Real Estate Investor | FL Lic RE Broker


I was a PowerHouse Private Lender and I had a positive experience. I felt that my money was safe. I earned the returns I expected and I felt confident in the process. The team at PowerHouse does their research! I would definitely invest with them again in the future.


Sonia Bennett Selbert

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