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Girl's Guide to House Hacking 

This training is your roadmap to making six figures on your first house hack and getting on the track to financial freedom. You will learn how to identify a money making property, set up your first house hack, reduce or eliminate your rent and mortgage payments, get cash flow, and build equity! To increase your financial and lifestyle freedom, this training will also teach you to replicate this simple plan to build a million dollar real estate portfolio.  

How its Done

Our training shares a simple, low-cost strategy for women who want to break into real estate investing and move closer to a life of financial and lifestyle freedom. Our strategy supports women who are looking to make their first real estate investment, as well as those who are looking to grow wealth by building a portfolio of real estate investments. Through our course, women gain inspiration and tools to begin accumulating single family and/or multifamily residences at low-cost, and eliminate the need to ever pay a rent or mortgage payment again.


The training lays out a road map to eliminate rent and mortgage payments in under a year, and accumulate a portfolio of 5+ investment properties in less than 10 years, worth over a million dollars.

What is            House Hacking?

Did you know that it's possible to own your own home and have others pay the mortgage for you? With house hacking, you buy a property with more space than you need, rent the space you are not using, and have renters cover your mortgage for you! This can be done by renting extra space in a large single family home (bedroom(s) or basement unit) or a separate unit in a multi-family property. And there are smart, simple strategies that help women use this investment option with an affordable, convenient model that will work with your comfort level. From single mothers to women transitioning into retirement, house hacking can be used to get financially stable and free!

Your Host.

Hi, I am Marielle, and I am an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and single mama! I am also passionate about empowering women through real estate investing.  I made multiple 6 figures off my first two real estate investments through house hacking, and I have not paid rent or mortgage for 6 years! I learned how to "house hack" and used the financial freedom to travel the world, spend time with my young daughter, and build a real estate portfolio. This is not complicated - I bought my first 4 bedroom house when I was a single woman on one income, in one of the most expensive cities in the country. I used a simple formula - and you can too. I now run a real estate investing group for women who are new to investing, and am committed to supporting women in achieving wealth, freedom, and power through real estate investing. Join us! 

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Mini Course Outline

Lesson 1: Intro to house hacking for women 

Lesson 2: Assessing your goals & personal vision         

    Lesson 3: How to identify a house hack-able property

Lesson 4: Setting the property up & finding renters   

    Lesson 5: Road map to build your million dollar portfolio


Course Outline

In the Girl's Guide to House Hacking course, you will learn exactly what house hacking is and how it can be used as a tool to financially empower women. You will outline your own financial goals that could be achieved through house hacking, and learn how you can identify the right property to meet your goals. You will learn how to identify quality renters who will pay your mortgage for you, and how you can replicate this process to build a million dollar rental portfolio.

Lesson 1: Intro to house hacking for women 

Lesson 2: Assessing your goals & personal vision         

    Lesson 3: How to identify a house hack-able property

Lesson 4: Setting the property up & finding renters   

    Lesson 5: Road map to build your million dollar portfolio


Girl's Guide to House Hacking Course

Take the online course solo, at your own pace, and launch your journey into real estate investing! Learn the basics and use our resource sheet and recommended activities to determine the house hacking model that is right for you and get in action finding the perfect house hack for your financial goals!

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