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About Us

PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing was established to help women who want to break into real estate investing and move closer to a life of financial and lifestyle freedom.


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“PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing offers women the community they need to build their confidence, learn the keys to investing success, and build partnerships that will create financial stability as well as generational wealth for their families.

Our group is all about coming together and making real estate investing a fun, exciting, and empowering experience.”

Marielle Walter
President of PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing


Marielle is committed to building a community of women empowered by real estate and founded PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing, a group for women across the country who are launching their journey in real estate investing. The group is a space for women to share resources, inspiration and build partnerships for success in real estate investing. By joining together, sharing inspiration and resources and making smart investments with each other’s support, solo women can build their confidence and funds to start making real estate investments that create passive income and build wealth for themselves and their families.

Through this community, Marielle facilitates group investment opportunities, including group flips and group apartment building investing.  Group flips bring women together virtually from all across the country to learn how to flip houses in a team. The group collaboration allows women to get into their first flip at a lower cost as well as build knowledge, confidence, and credibility in house flipping. Marielle also facilitates the PowerHouse Multifamily Investing Group, which offers an 12 week multifamily readiness program where women are provided a 101 on multifamily investing, along with partnership development, network building, and hands-on deal analysis. The goal is to support women in doing their first deals and launching them head first into a whole new world of real estate investing and wealth building.

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About our Founder

Marielle Walter


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Marielle Walter is a real estate investor, coach and consultant based in Washington, DC, where she began her real estate investing journey with single family rentals. She then transitioned into flipping and currently runs a house flipping business in Maryland. She is also focused on building long term wealth through multifamily investing, and is growing a portfolio of high cash flow multifamily properties through joint venture partnerships and also invests in syndications as a limited partner in nearly 400 doors between Alabama and Texas.


Marielle is also committed to empowering women through real estate investing, and founded PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing to provide education and partnership opportunities for women looking to build their wealth, power and freedom together. The group has nearly three thousand members across the US and has offered women the opportunity to get educated and join together on investments such as group flips and group apartment building investments.


Marielle's driving force in life is her love for being the mom of an energetic 5 year old girl named Sol who fuels her desire to make the world a better place through wealth building and social impact investing.


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