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Equipping women with power through education, partnership, & action.

PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing was founded by successful female investors with the mission to support other women in finding their power and freedom through real estate. We provide resources to educate the next generation of lady millionaires, as well facilitate cooperative investment opportunities that allow us to build wealth together.


These investment opportunities include group flips and group apartment building investing. Group flips bring women together virtually from all across the country to learn how to flip houses in a team. The PowerHouse Multifamily Investing Group offers a multifamily readiness program where women are provided a 101 on multifamily investing, along with partnership development, network building, and hands-on deal analysis.

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Join Us:

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PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing Group

Come join our free online community of women on a mission to build knowledge, friendships and fortunes together. Our membership is open to women across the country, and we facilitate virtual meetups to share goals and resources. We also post our group investment opportunities, including our PowerHouse Women Group Flips and PowerHouse Women Multifamily Investing Group opportunities here. 

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Free Mentorship on Our YouTube Channel

PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing invites successful female investors to speak to the group and share their "superpowers" in all different areas of real estate investing. From flipping to multifamily investing to wholesaling, we have had the privilege to learn from some of the most respected women in the the real estate investing space. We invite you to view some of our favorite flash mentor session highlights on our YouTube channel.

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PortuGirls Real EstateInvesting Group

PowerHouse Women is excited to be launching a new partnership group for women who are interested in exploring real estate investments in Portugal. The PortuGirls (get it?!) group will bring ladies together virtually from across the US and Portugal to learn together, build relationships, and identify strong investment opportunities to buy individually or in partnership!

Grow your impact.

As much as we value growing our wealth, we also value growing the impact we make to the world. The Giving Group was founded by women who wanted to pursue philantrophic intiatives together. Click the button to find out more about the PowerHouse Women Giving Group.

Meet The PowerHouse Women


PowerHouse Women has been AMAZING for me! I have met great friends and business partners here. I also got into three multifamily deals through this group because I was able to find deals or find partners here. Highly recommend this group to anybody interested in getting started

Lupei Chou

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I'm thrilled to be a part of PowerHouse Women! It's great to be gaining continual knowledge about many aspects of real estate investing while also profiting! I've really liked learning the economics of a group flip - market analysis, construction, pricing, etc. There is so much to gain from this group!

Lindsay Faiman

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There are SO many amazing things to say about this group and program!! It was truly life-changing - the education, network and support are unparalleled. This group is so supportive, kind and encouraging. My expectations were far surpassed in terms of what I learned, and the real-world tools that were shared to move the needle forward.

Kara Pendl

For life changing real estate inspiration, join us.

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