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PowerHouse Women
Multifamily Investing Group

Making Real Estate a (women's) team sport.

Mutlifamily Investing Group

Apartment Building

This program supports women who are seeking to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing, and particularly through the fast-track approach of apartment building investing. This initiative offers an 8 week multifamily readiness program where women are provided a 101 on multifamily investing, along with 12 weeks of partnership development, network building, and hands-on deal analysis. The goal is to support women in doing their first deal and launching them head first into a whole new world of real estate investing and wealth building.

Readiness Program 

The PowerHouse Multifamily Investing Group begins with 6 to 8 weeks of "multifamily investor readiness" training. This consists of  a series of training calls where the group reviews multifamily educational resources together and has successful multifamily investors speak with the group regularly about the exact steps they took to invest with success. The group also holds internal group sessions where the team members share sample deals to analyze real time together. After this period of investor readiness, the intention is that group members are prepared to purchase a multifamily property, either as a full group or in smaller groups/partnerships, depending on group interest, individual goals, and deal selection. 

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Go Team

Education, Networking, Partnership 

This group collaboration is packed with education, inspiration and networking opportunities. 

Participants enjoy a unique partnership building

opportunity, with new relationships they can leverage to accelerate their investing inside and outside the PowerHouse group. Participants also gain access to guided educational resources, many developed by the greats of multifamily investing, which give a 101 on multifamily investing and boost knowledge and confidence to dive into investing on a whole new scale. Participants also receive eight weeks of insights and guidance from “flash mentorship” sessions with successful multifamily investors that they can apply to each multifamily principle they are learning to increase their success and confidence in investing.

Our Guest Speakers

Click below to see the bios of the flash mentors for our 2021 Multifamily Investing Group.

Join Us!

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lupei pic 4_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Lupei Chou

It has been AMAZING for me! I have met great friends and business partners here. I also got into three multifamily deals through this group because I was able to find deals or find partners here. Highly recommend this group to anybody interested in getting started in multifamily investing.

Brenda pic.jpg

Brenda Mas

 This is by far the most effective & impactful multifamily groups out there! No where else can you find such knowledgeable mentors coupled with a tribe of passionate & eager women ready to learn & execute. I have no doubt that every woman part of this group will be highly successful in multifamily thanks to this program. Best decision of 2021! This group has not only fostered trusted partnerships but lifelong friendships amongst unstoppable women  I couldn’t be more grateful!

kara pendl.jpg

Kara Pendl

There are SO many amazing things to say about this group and program!! It was truly life-changing - the education, network and support are unparalleled. This group is so supportive, kind and encouraging. My expectations were far surpassed in terms of what I learned, and the real-world tools that were shared to move the needle forward. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone curious in Multifamily!

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