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PowerHouse Women Multifamily Investing Group

Making Real Estate a (women's) team sport.

Gain momentum towards YOUR multifamily goals.

PowerHouse Women multifamily investing initiatives offer women multifamily education, partnership development opportunities, as well as active deals to join together and invest! 


The goal is to support women in collaborating to do multifamily deals and build their portfolios together, launching them head first into a whole new world of real estate investing and wealth building!

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Multifamily Flash Mentor Sessions

101 on Multifamily Investment Strategies 

Multifamily Due Diligence

How to Raise Money for Multifamily Deals 

Asset Management

How to Analyze Markets for Multifamily Investing

Financing a Multifamily Deal

Multifamily Syndication 101

Off-Market Multifamily Deal Flow

Bonus Networking:

You will have access to women's multifamily investor networking.


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I learned so much from each of the flash mentors, made valuable connections, and gained a lot of confidence and information about multifamily investing. I’m now able to speak more confidently to others about multifamily and syndication. 

Christine Alloca

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"The value I received from the flash mentors included inspiration, the power of overcoming limiting beliefs, the power of networking, valuable information about underwriting, and finding creative ways to find the funds to get into deals! Bottom line - it's all about being on fire with the network and tools to get to your end goal!"

Heidi Rios

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