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Sipping, Exploring & Investing

The PowerHouse Women Italy Retreat

Join the PowerHouse Women as we venture to Italy to sip wine, devour gelato, and scope out the famed "one Euro" investment opportunities. Yes, in case you haven't heard, the Italian government is selling historic homes in need of renovation for one Euro! Is there  a catch? Maybe, maybe not - that is what we are going to find out! Join us for fun, adventure, and the opportunity to join a group of women on the investment of a lifetime! 

An Italian Villa for A Dollar?!

In an opportunity that seems to have been sent from the Heavens, a number of small towns in Italy have been selling villas for the symbolic price of one euro, or just 1.13 dollars. These sleepy towns hope to bring in new residents that will bring economic growth.


But there is indeed a catch - buyers must pay a security deposit, often of a couple thousand dollars, and must commit to refurbishing the property, which may run between $20,000 and $50,000, and at times even more. Even still, a $20,000 price tag for ownership of a beautifully restored villa turned guest house, language school - you name it - could make for a fun and lucrative investment opportunity.

So off we venture to find out for ourselves - could this be the opportunity of a lifetime?!

Destination: Zungoli

We will meet together in picturesque Zungoli, a tiny rural village near Naples and the Amalfi Coast, named one of Italy's Most Beautiful Villages in 2015. Set on top of a sandstone hill, it's a maze of caves and zig-zaging alleys connected by cobblestone steps that wind up to a towering fortress.


Together we will visit the dollar euro homes to see for ourselves what we have in store when making this type of investment, and we will enjoy all the village has to offer to get a real taste of the local flavor. 


Come hungry for a rich life.

  • Thursday June 25th: Arrive in beautiful Naples and join the meet and greet dinner with a buzzing group of powerful women over some of Naples finest cuisine. Share your dreams and build new friendships. 

  • Friday June 26th: Join the Rich Coffee and Rich Women Introductory Investment Training over a pairing of Italian coffee and pastries. Enjoy a mid day tour of Naples finest neighborhood, highlighting the most coveted villas of the city, and learn how to assess an investment opportunity in real time. Travel to magical Zungoli and enjoy a cozy Italian dinner in a historic plaza. 

  • Saturday June 27th: Enjoy a light breakfast and hit the streets on a grand tour of Zungoli with a local real estate expert. Visit the dollar euro homes and learn how to evaluate their investment potential. Return to the accommodation to enjoy a WineVesting Happy Hour, featuring local wines and snacks as well as a a candid conversation with a special guest that will share the actions she took to build her multi-million dollar real estate empire. 

  • Sunday June 28th: Join together for the lavish Action Brunch in Naples, where you will learn how to develop the mindset and action plan to achieve a rich life. Bid farewell feeling refreshed, inspired, and empowered. You are a PowerHouse graduate! 


Tickets include accommodation, transportation between Naples and Zungoli, breakfast as well as meet and greet dinner. 

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