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PowerHouse Women Wholesaling Group

Building partnerships and business systems 

Get access to deals and partners!

This new group supported women in getting access to hot off-market deals for wholesaling, flipping, or renting! Having access to the best deals is all about putting some simple systems in place - combined with the right network and partnerships! In this new group, we will focus on learning and beginning to set up the systems, processes, and partnerships we need to build our real estate investing businesses with off-market deals! 

Multi Storey Building

This Group Offered High-Level 101 on:

How to Establish a Marketing Presence

How to Negotiate with Sellers

How to Find Buyers for Your Wholesale Deals

How to Wholesale Apartment Buildings

How to Find Off-Market Deals

How to Value Off-Market Deals

How to Grow Your Team and Scale/Automate Your Business

Resources Toolbox:

  1. a letter for mailings to off-market sellers

  2. a script for calling off-market sellers

  3. an assignment contract

  4. a purchase of sale contract


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