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PowerHouse Women Wholesaling Group 

The PowerHouse Women Wholesaling Group supports women in building the partnerships and business systems needed to develop a pipeline of off-market property leads to wholesale and flip for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

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Building Knowledge 

The PowerHouse Wholesale Group offers a 12 week program where women are provided a 101 on building a wholesaling business, learning from women who have built successful wholesaling businesses from the ground up. In this group, women will learn how to establish a marketing presence, find deals, value deals, negotiate with sellers, find buyers, and grow a team to scale and automate.


Building Partnerships  

PowerHouse Wholesale Group participants have the opportunity to build strong partnerships in the months they collaborate - and enduring partnerships they can leverage to do deals into the future. Women in this group meet weekly to develop their partnerships, build their networks, and take action to build the systems and processes necessary to generate a pipeline of off-market leads they can wholesale or flip for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is an action oriented learning opportunity where women will build businesses together and support each other in achieving success. The goal is to support women in doing their first deals and launching them head first into a whole new world of real estate investing and wealth building.

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Building Wealth

Wholesaling is an excellent strategy for women who are just starting out in real estate and want to build up their funds, or for more seasoned investors who want to scale with a pipeline of profitable deals. The PowerHouse Wholesale Group teaches women how to find lucrative off-market deals that other investors do not have access to, setting them up for success in wholesaling these deals to other investors, or in flipping or renting these properties themselves. This strategy enables women to build funds to do more deals, and helps them maximize the profits they can get on each deal they do. This program will support women in growing their confidence to do larger deals at higher volume and take their real estate investing to new levels. 

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