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Meet The Wholesaling Partnership Group Speakers

Angie Aki bio pic.jpg

Angie Aki

Angie Aki has been a real estate investor for 4 years and has spent most of that time wholesaling SFH. She left a successful sales career in 2019 after 18 years in corporate America and made multiple six-figures the year she quit her job. She has consistently hit $250K+ in revenue year after year.


Heading into 2022, Angie is focusing on the dispo/marketing side of wholesaling, flipping a handful of SFH, building affordable homes in a neighboring county and capital raising for large multifamily/commercial projects nationwide and entitlement projects in Florida.


Working on her mindset and limiting beliefs allowed her to catapult to success as an entrepreneur very quickly. Angie now lives the life she has dreamed of. She runs multiple, successful businesses while enjoying freedom of time and growing her wealth.  She makes more money and impacts more lives than she ever imagined and she is now helping others do the same. 


If she can do it, so can you! Let's get you to where you want to be! 

Website: Sell My House Fast in Central Florida | Angie Buys Houses Central Florida

Misty Flanagan - Head Shot_edited.jpg

Misty Flanagan

Misty is a full-time Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, & Business & Mindset Coach with 5+ years of experience in wholesaling, flips, rentals, & new construction. She is extremely passionate about helping other women create a life & business filled with passion, positivity, & purpose. She is a Managing Partner in Guideway Investment Partners LLC, Elevated Development LLC, & Level Up Remodeling LLC. She is also Co-Founder of the Houston – Women’s Real Estate Investor Alliance (WREIA) and HER Mindset Matters REI Group Coaching Program.  Misty has found her passion in helping other women build the life and REI business of their dreams and has coached 80+ women on starting and/or scaling their REI businesses and creating the CEO mindset to make that business a true success.


Best Wholesale Deal Ever

In Sept of this year I partnered up to bring a buyer to a wholesale deal with a coaching client of mine while at an entrepreneur’s mastermind in Mexico.  It wasn’t my most profitable wholesale deal but it was a dream come true to be able to make that deal happen while in another country, which has always been a goal of mine.  I was able to coach my client, help her get the contract, send just 1 email to my vetted buyers list to receive multiple offers and interest in a matter of minutes and assign that deal to a buyer all while enjoying the beaches of Mexico.  I had finally felt like I had made it.  My knowledge, resources, and relationships facilitated that deal with ease and it was a very proud moment.  And it was also my coaching client’s first wholesale deal, so it was an extra proud moment. 



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The Wholesaling Partnership Group Members

Alex Salgado pic_edited.jpg

Alexandria Salgado

Alex has years of experience in the banking industry, specifically in the Anti Money Laundering/Know Your Customer space. She currently oversees the KYC Quality Control team for a multinational bank. New to real estate investing, she closed on her first property at the end of August. The property is a short term rental in the Great Smoky Mountains which will be self managed from out of state. In addition to scaling her short term rental business she is interested in learning about Multifamily. She recently relocated to Miami from the Bronx, NY. In her free time she enjoys working out, cooking and going to the beach. She is a proud dog mom of two toy poodles named Bentley and Bronx.

Alissa Headshot Jan22.jpg

Alissa Kronovet

Alissa Kronovet is a real estate investor, property manager, and realtor in training. She owns and manages several multifamily buildings and high-end short term rentals. She has in-depth experience managing home renovations, remodels and building additions. Alissa enjoys nerding out over investment analyses, exploring and implementing new technologies to effectively manage short term rentals, and networking with seasoned investors. She holds a Master of City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley. Alissa recently moved from Oakland, California to the Hudson Valley, New York with her husband (a residential construction manager) and two children. This year, her goals are to expand her portfolio, continue building her short-term rental management business, and start working as a real estate salesperson.

amy pic 2_edited.jpg

Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson is an experienced entrepreneur and teacher.  After earning a bachelors of business at Baylor University, Amy pursued and developed multiple family businesses over the last twenty years ranging from pest control to tutoring children.  Amy currently is the proud owner of Transaction Prescription where she serves realtors by tackling their time-consuming paperwork.  She also continues to pursue her interest in real estate investing which includes house flipping and multi-family investments. Amy previously participated in one of the first PowerHouse  Group flips in Salisbury, MD. In her free time, Amy continues with her passion of assisting and helping to place children in foster and adoptive homes in the state of Texas.  Amy spends her free time with her family of five sons and two daughters.  She loves to travel and attend soccer games.


Annchen Knodt

Annchen Knodt has a background in math and computer science and has worked for over a decade as a data scientist in a neuroscience lab at Duke University.  She was excited to discover a few years ago that she can put her analytical skills to work in real estate investing and is passionate about the pursuit of financial freedom.  So far she has partnered with her parents on three single family rentals in North Carolina and Texas, and is currently working with them on acquiring small multifamily rentals between Houston and Austin.  Her primary focus is cashflow, and her goal is to scale to a small multifamily rental portfolio and acquire some short term rentals as well.  She has been incredibly energized and inspired by the amazing people she has met in the real estate investing community, and looks forward to making more connections while working alongside others on the same path.  Annchen spends much of her free time helping to raise and train future service dogs, and she also loves to travel.

katherin porlles pic.jpg

Katherine Porlles

Katherine Porlles is a proud mommy of 4 girls under the age of 6! She holds a B.S from George Mason University in Finance and Marketing. She has been investing since 2013 and currently owns 11 rentals in MD and PA, a combination of section 8 rentals, vacation rentals and long term rentals. She and her husband also own a home improvement company, DK Home Services. She currently works as a pricing analyst at American Systems and as a Realtor part-time.

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Melissa Martin

Melissa Martin is new to Real Estate investing. She is an Accountant by day and mother of 3 wonderful children. Melissa graduated from the University of Houston Clear Lake and is currently in the process of becoming a Texas Real Estate Agent. She has over 16 years experience with public and private companies as an Accountant. She is eager to work with other successful women and learn about the multitude of real estate investing strategies. 


Tia Lewis

Tia Lewis is a Realtor licensed in DC, Md, and Va who has a love for all things Real Estate. She loves  to educate and help others obtain what they believe is the impossible. Though she has helped many others achieve investment properties and flips she is now in the process of obtaining her own investment properties and flips and wholesaling. Outside the world of Real Estate Tia is a cancer survivor, A God fearing woman of God who mentors and pays for other s and helps to empower women.  She is also an Scientist who loves her family and friends and will give you the shirt off of her back.

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