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Meet The Multifamily Team


Lupei Chou

Lupei Chou is a Naval Officer with 19 years of experience in logistics, acquisition and contract management. She has done successful real estate projects using the buy and hold, flip and BRRRR methods. She currently holds a portfolio of 98 doors mix of commercial and residential properties and focuses on growing her multifamily portfolio. She leads InvestHER Capital Region and Cocktails and Connections, a local meetup in the DMV area. She is passionate about financial literacy education, women's empowerment and giving back to the military & veterans community.  She founded Sisterhood in Real Estate in 2020 to connect with other women investors. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with her husband, Derby.


Lisa Cole

Dr. Lisa Cole is a real estate investor based in Tulsa, OK. Her doctorate is in education and adult learning. She taught first grade for 10 years in 29 Palms, CA, Scottsdale, AZ and Shanghai, China. She looks for adventure and has traveled to 27 countries and counting. After returning to the states she created a local tutoring company in 2006 and sold it in 2013. She has completed remodels, has buy and holds, and continues to move forward developing her skills in the real estate industry with a focus on multifamily. Her strengths include deal finding, networking, project management, and having fun! She believes strongly in empowering women and looks forward to building generational wealth through real estate investing. Lisa has a Cheweeny (Sophie),a Shitzu (Simon), a Frenchie (Frank the Tank), and a husband (Glen…who is super supportive and a fine man).

Meredith Folsom.jpg

Meredith Folsom

Meredith is a nurse leader, a wife, and a mother to four children. She is currently getting her MBA. She and her husband have two SFH buy and holds with which they used the BRRRR method to purchase. They self manage their current properties. She is interested in doing flips, STR, and multi-family. She is knowledgeable about market research, remote investing, and building teams; as she has previously invested in a real estate mastermind course/group. She has good communication skills, time management, is a good team player, and a go-getter.  Her goal is to retire early and time freedom to be able to travel. She truly believes that the biggest risk is not taking one. 

ana profile pic_edited.jpg

Ana Galvan

Ana Galvan is an Early Childhood Special Educator based in Denver, Colorado. As a preschool teacher, she works with young children between 3 and 5 years old with and without disabilities. She has been a special educator since 2015. As an aspiring real estate investor,  she has focused on gaining knowledge of the real estate investing space, and has been a participant in the Women's Real Estate Investing Network. She is now focused on transitioning into house flipping in collaboration with partners. 

natalie garcia.jpg

Natalie Garcia

Senior Software Engineer, with experience in full stack engineering. Thrilled by delightful user experiences and collaborating with like-minded designers, product managers, back end engineers, and data scientists. Driven by a desire to deeply learn and understand the problems faced by users and how to automate the solutions with the latest web technologies.

Tracey Geary Headshot.jpg

Tracey Geary

Tracey Geary is an accountant with over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance, as well as experience in contracts and lease administration. She graduated from Fordham University and currently works as a W-2 accounting consultant. She has worked in a variety of industries, including property management and at a REIT. Tracey owns two rentals and has a mix of private lending and syndication investments. She is working to grow her partnership and syndication investments to complete her journey to financial freedom. Tracey recently relocated from New Jersey to Baltimore, MD, where she is enjoying city life. She is an avid hiker and is looking forward to getting back to traveling. Tracey has two sons, one is a computer engineer and the other is a college student. 

Suzanna Gershkovich.jpeg

Suzanna Gershkovich

Suzanna Gershkovich's background is working as a Speech Language Pathology and a certified Pilates Instructor. She is a wife, a mother to three small boys and has always loved traveling. This love inspired her to begin her real estate journey through owning properties she could also visit and enjoy. She currently has two single family homes that she is holding and using as short term rentals. Her goal for 2022 is to purchase her third property; a multifamily and to achieve financial freedom, create generational wealth and by being of service, bring value to the properties she owns. She is in the process of discovering her greatest strengths in larger ventures such as this and is extremely motivated and dedicated to meeting other women in the RE space; learning, growing and collaborating together. 

Krista Kennedy.jpg

Krista Kennedy

Krista Kennedy is passionate about creating inviting communal spaces. As an experienced Owner's Representative, she leads cultural and hospitality clients in NYC through high profile capital projects such as museum expansions, gut renovations of luxury hotels, and the search and transition to new longerm space for a non-profit. Krista has a degree in architecture from LSU and began her time in the design and construction industry as a lighting designer. In 2017 she purchased her first house hack, a needy 1910 Victorian in Brooklyn whose six drafty bedrooms remain fully occupied with good friends to this day. In 2021 she purchased her first remote investment, a triplex in Baltimore, MD and is looking to continue building a portfolio through a strategic value add approach.

Christina Headshot.JPG

Christina Kovacs

Christina has been a Florida Realtor since 2010 and Broker/Owner of The Home Agency since 2014. Her experience in the Real Estate industry started when she was 20 years old as a loan officer in the subprime mortgage industry. Apart from the servicing side of RE, Christina is also an active real estate investor since 2010. To date she has flipped or held >$5 mil in residential real estate holdings throughout FL, VT & CT. She is currently focused on growing her multifamily portfolio and is a LP in 670 units. She holds a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Business Admin from FIU. She is an avid traveler, has a love for being out on the water and hosting great parties. Christina lives by the motto "Find it. Live it." Sitting on the sidelines and hoping to achieve a goal won't get you anywhere. Take action and keep progressing forward.

sonia l.JPG

Sonia Levinsky

Sonia Levinsky is married to an amazing guy and they have 3 kids and the most active dog on earth. She and her husband currently own 2 SF long term rentals. She recently invested in a mastermind/course so she can learn from others that are actually doing it, while implementing. She's a go-getter, team player and excellent communicator. Her reason for joining this group is to transition over to STR & MF. Her goal is to gain financial freedom for her family and retire early. 

Rebecca Ling phot.jpg

Rebecca Ling

​Rebecca Ling has always had a passion for real estate investing, and is knowledgeable with the buying and selling process in the real estate market. She purchased her first house in 2012 and a condo in 2015. She eventually sold both at large profit to invest in further real estate ventures. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. With over a decade of experience in business management, marketing, public relations, recruiting, business to business contracts, customer service, bookkeeping and sales, she has ample skills to bring into the REI industry. Through REI, she hopes to be able to expand her connections and portfolio, while also achieving financial freedom and flexibility to support her lifestyle and spend more time with her family. She also enjoys volunteer work and is a “Wish Granter” for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Rebecca is based in Charleston, SC, with her 11 year old daughter and boyfriend. In their free time, they love to travel, adventure, go to the beach, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

profile pic.jfif

Nia Martinez

Nia Martinez is completely new to real estate investing and excited to start her journey in Multifamily Investing to generate cash flow for decades to come. Nia is the founder and CEO of Innovative and Global Learning Solutions LLC, an online learning consulting business which partners with international development organizations, nonprofits, and corporations to facilitate the development and implementation of their learning strategies and solutions for staff and beneficiaries worldwide. She has a deep passion for learning as a vehicle to create behavior change and help others see their unlimited potential to realize their goals and dreams.

Nia lives in Arlington, VA with her husband, Luis, and two sons, Marco (3) and Antonio (1). Nia and Luis' short-term goals are to purchase a multifamily building in Chicago in the next year so this group will help her and her family achieve this goal and beyond. 

Brenda pic.jpg

Brenda Mas

Brenda Mas is based in Los Angeles, CA. She began her career in real estate nearly 2 decades ago working for a large owner/builder/developer.  Her experience includes the restructuring & development of over 5,000 multi-family units, facilitating over $500 Million in financing, and asset managing over 800 units. She has spearheaded the implementation of $1+ Million marketing campaigns ensuring the successful stabilization and sale of newly completed projects and improving occupancy of existing management portfolios. She has 2 daughters and a stepdaughter with her husband David (who builds large multifamily projects for REITS & Institutions). Together they own a luxury home construction company and have become personal mentoring students of the apartment king, Brad Sumrok.  Currently she is a passive investor in 354 doors and looking to add more, plus actively looking for BRRRS & STRs. 

Molly Murphy.jpeg

Molly Murphy

Molly Murphy is an executive leader in corporate real estate and facilities for a Fortune 50 company where she brings over 20 years of financial operations experience.  She and her husband started investing in real estate 8 years ago and continue to build their portfolio with single and small multi-family buy and hold properties.  They also completed a few fix n flips in 2020.  Molly is now interested in continuing to build upon her real estate knowledge by investing in larger multi-family properties.  Molly and her husband, Chad, live in Denver with their 16 year old daughter and 2 dogs.


Marianna Osipenko

Marianna graduated Babson College in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Real Estate Finance and returned in 2009 to get her MBA. She spent the first 15 years of her career as a Managing Director of George & Company, one of New England’s premier business appraisal and brokerage companies. In 2019 Marianna finally followed her passion, and transitioned into full-time real estate investing. Over the last few years, Marianna has successfully invested in multiple single family flips, smaller multifamily BRRR projects, as well as short-term rentals. She is on a mission to massively increase her passive income and gain time freedom, and create a legacy for her family via investing in value-add multifamily and short-term rentals. Marianna’s communication and negotiation skills combined with her strong financial skills have precipitated in her ability to swiftly analyze opportunities within multiple asset classes, decode complicated financials, and see the potential of a deal.--


Marielle Walter

Marielle Walter is a real estate investor, coach and consultant based in Washington, DC, where she began he real estate investing journey with single family buy and holds. She then transitioned into house flipping with a focus on Maryland markets. Marielle is committed to building a community of women empowered by real estate investing, and founded a group for women across the country who are launching their journey in real estate investing. Marielle is now diversifying her investing strategy to focus on building a multifamily property portfolio. Marielle has a Master's Degree in Environmental Policy, and is the mother of an energetic four year old daughter. She is also a travel addict and wine aficionado.

Katy Ieong Cheng Weatherly.jpg

Katy Weatherly

Katy Ieong Cheng Weatherly is a Macao-born musician, educator, photographer, and entrepreneur. Since immigrated to the states at 17, she obtained a Bachelor and Master music performance degree from The Juilliard School and a doctoral degree in music education at Columbia University’s Teachers College. Currently, she works as a district music supervisor for the public school system in Washington D.C. In addition, she also runs a photography and music studio business. Currently, she is working towards building her portfolio through multi-family and rental investment. 

melissa yi_edited.jpg

Melissa Yi

Melissa Yi is a Commercial Relationship Manager at First Tech Federal Credit Union with over 10 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Melissa has a background in servicing, originating and underwriting all asset types in the commercial real estate space. Melissa has worked on small $10,000 small business loans all the way up to a $91MM office transaction. Melissa is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to get herself and her team to meet their goals. Melissa enjoys spending her time outside hiking or backpacking with her husband, two step children and two dogs.

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