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Education + Partnership + Action = Power  

 Our mission is to empower women at every stage of life to break into real estate investing and find their power and freedom.

Let's Meet

We are PowerHouse Women, and rich is our future.

PowerHouse Women Real Estate Investing was founded by successful female investors with the mission to support other women in finding their power and freedom through real estate. We provide resources to educate the next generation of lady millionaires, as well facilitate cooperative investment opportunities that allow us to build big wealth with lower risk - together. 

Key in the Lock

Powerhouse Women 
Real Estate Investing Group

Come join our free online community of women on a mission to build knowledge, friendships and fortunes together. Our membership is open to women across the country, and we facilitate virtual meetups to share goals and resources monthly. We also post our group investment opportunities, including our PowerHouse Women Group Flips and PowerHouse Women Multifamily Investing Group opportunities here. 

Girl's Guide to
House Hacking

Our training shares a simple strategy for women who want to own their own home, build equity and cash flow, reduce debt, and get financially free.  Our strategy supports women who are looking to make their first real estate investment, as well as those who are looking to grow wealth by building a portfolio of real estate investments.

Woman Studying

 US &International Retreats

PowerHouse Women retreats offer participants hands-on training in how to identify a winning investment in some of the most idyllic locations in the world. Investment opportunities are scoped on-site in these fabulous cities as we wander the streets together soaking in the sights. Our next retreat will be in Portugal, date to be determined based on COVID restrictions. Childcare is offered. Reach out to inquire about the guest list.

Meet the PowerHouse Women

Let us introduce you to a few of the women that make our community so powerful. 

"I am looking forward to sharing and strategizing with this community. I'm particularly interested in talking with others about financing options and how we can support each other in moving projects forward."

"I got into the housing market to be able to leave a legacy for my kids. I am inspired by this community and I am determined to make AWESOME happen!"

"I have no fear that when driven, ambitious and strong women join their forces together for a purpose, the sky’s the limit and we are simply unstoppable."

"The purchase of my first investment was a powerful moment for me and my family. I believe in real estate as a way to bring my family financial security."

"Real estate investing has given me the freedom to travel the world and spend more time with my family. It has truly changed my life and i am passionate about sharing it with other women to change their lives!"

For life changing real estate inspiration, 
join us.


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