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PowerHouse Women Group Flips

PowerHouse Women Group Flips bring women together virtually from all across the country to learn how to flip houses in a team! The group collaboration allows women to get into their first flip at a lower cost as well as build knowledge, confidence, and credibility in house flipping. 

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Building Knowledge 

PowerHouse Group Flips offer participants the opportunity to join a team of women new to real estate investing, and learn the process of flipping a house. The team meets together weekly for training sessions to learn the group flip process, and is given access to a wealth of resources to support them in developing skills in deal analysis, contractor management, lender relations, and more. The team members have active roles along the way, advising on an actual house flip project. 


Building Partnerships & Credibility 

Real estate is a (women's) team sport. PowerHouse Women Group Flip participants have the opportunity to build strong partnerships in the months they collaborate - and enduring partnerships they can leverage to do deals into the future. They also benefit from the visibility and networking opportunities within the PowerHouse community. These group flips also offer women creditability in the investing community, getting their first deal (or deals) under their belt. 

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Building Wealth

PowerHouse Group Flips allow women to enter the deal with a smaller amount of funds than a typical solo flip, lowering risk of significant financial loss. However, they have the ability to share in the profit of the flip, enabling them to grow limited funds, and have more to invest going forward. This also supports women in growing the confidence necessary to do larger deals and take their real estate investing to new levels. 


I’m so glad I jumped on the opportunity to flip a house in one of the first flip groups. The value of the knowledge in addition to the new connections I have made are priceless! - Jessica, Group Flip Founding Member 

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"The group flips have been a great opportunity to learn with - and from - knowledgeable women. I love being a part of a group effort to create a beautiful space for a new owner! - Molly, Group Flip Founding Member 

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"I'm thrilled to be a part of PowerHouse Women! It's great to be gaining continual knowledge about many aspects of real estate investing while also profiting! I've really liked learning the economics of a group flip - market analysis, construction, pricing, etc. There is so much to gain from this group! - Lindsay, Group Flip Founding Member 

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