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Meet The Multifamily Investing Group

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Lupei Chou

Lupei Chou is an active duty Naval Officer and a real estate investor. She has over 19 years of military and government experience and is currently serving as the Senior Procurement Analyst for the Navy in Washington DC. As a real estate investor, she has done successful projects using the BRRRR (buy, rehab, rent, refinance) method. She currently holds a portfolio of 24 doors mix of commercial and residential properties and is working diligently to grow her portfolio through multifamily investing. Her investment focus is cash flow, maximizing tax benefits and long-term wealth building. She is passionate about helping people to achieve financial freedom through real estate. 

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Kimberly Beckwith

Kimberly Beckwith is a Realtor® and the Owner of KBRE Group LLC., providing commercial and residential real estate services through the brokerage of Century21 Premiere Properties. Located in the suburbs of Greater Cleveland, OH., she has worked in the real estate industry for more than 10 years but has had a passion for real estate for as long as she can remember. She and her former husband built a small portfolio of investment properties using the BRRRR method and also completed two successful flips. Additionally, during her real estate career, she has managed the rehabs and flips of other Investor clients. Outside of real estate, Kimberly has worked in the corporate arena as an IT Systems Analyst, Project Manager, and Product Manager. Upon her decision to leave the corporate world, for a full-time real estate career, she was serving in the role of Dir. of Operations for a small software development company. Ultimately Kimberly loves helping others to achieve their real estate goals, not only through sales and investments but through the mentoring of other agents and budding investors. 

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Brenda Mas

Brenda Mas is based in Los Angeles, CA. She began her career in real estate nearly 2 decades ago working for a large owner/builder/developer.  Her experience includes the restructuring & development of over 5,000 multi-family units, facilitating over $500 Million in financing, and asset managing over 800 units. She has spearheaded the implementation of $1+ Million marketing campaigns ensuring the successful stabilization and sale of newly completed projects and improving occupancy of existing management portfolios. She has 2 daughters and a stepdaughter with her husband David (who builds large multifamily projects for REITS & Institutions). Together they own a luxury home construction company and have become personal mentoring students of the apartment king, Brad Sumrok.  Currently she is a passive investor in 354 doors and looking to add more, plus actively looking for BRRRS & STRs. 

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Kara Pendl

Kara Pendl is the founder and CEO of Karacotta Ceramics, a production pottery studio in Austin, Texas, carried by over 2,000 retailers worldwide. She is also the co-founder of Broad Studios, a woman-based art collective in Austin, and she founded 100K Creative in 2018, to coach emerging artists on generating six-figures in their first year of business. Her goal is to use the success of these businesses to grow her real estate company, Pendl House. She has participated in two JV single-family flip deals as a general partner + GC, and currently holds a flipped single family rental, in Austin, TX. Her ideal projects moving forward are multi-family properties and single-family buy and holds. She is currently pursuing her real estate license. She loves spending time with her husband, Clark, dog, Curly, practicing yoga, reading and traveling to boutique hotels on beaches. 

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Katherine Porlles

Katherine Porlles is a proud mommy of 4 girls under the age of 6! She holds a B.S from George Mason University in Finance and Marketing. She has been investing since 2013 and currently owns 11 rentals in MD and PA, a combination of section 8 rentals, vacation rentals and long term rentals. She and her husband also own a home improvement company, DK Home Services. She currently works as a pricing analyst at American Systems and as a Realtor part-time.


Janina Sukhu

Janina Sukhu is a Registered Nurse, Consultant and Real Estate Investor based in Canoga Park, California. She got her start in REI by joining the Women’s Real Estate Network and renting out an ADU to nurses and professionals. She is also a private money lender and is currently building a portfolio of rentals in the Indiana area. She has a Master’s in Business Administration. 


Molly Thompson

Molly Thompson is a real estate investor based in Manassas, Virginia.  She has rental properties in Virginia and Washington, D.C., and she is on track to fix-and-flip three houses this year.  Molly holds a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary and a law degree from a top-tier law school.  In her spare time, she loves to travel, watch soccer, and hang out with Huckleberry, her black pug.

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Eliana Torres

Eliana is a real estate investor and part-time real estate broker in Fayetteville, NC. She specializes in investor strategies. Eliana participated in the previous PowerHouse group flip opportunity, flipping a house in Salisbury, MD with PowerHouse partners. Eliana is a full time Government attorney working with trademark registrations. In her spare time Eliana competes in bodybuilding and is a runner. Eliana has a goal to own multiple cash flowing properties for creating generational wealth. 

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Marielle Walter

Marielle Walter is a real estate investor, coach and consultant based in Washington, DC, where she began he real estate investing journey with single family buy and holds. She then transitioned into house flipping with a focus on Maryland markets. Marielle is committed to building a community of women empowered by real estate investing, and founded a group for women across the country who are launching their journey in real estate investing. Marielle is now diversifying her investing strategy to focus on building a multifamily property portfolio. Marielle has a Master's Degree in Environmental Policy, and is the mother of an energetic four year old daughter. She is also a travel addict and wine aficionado. 

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